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Become a Volunteer Today!

The Nuclear Against Racism team is looking to fill a number of volunteer roles. Key accountabilities of each role are described below. If you are interested in any of the roles, please contact Krista Nicholson (


Oversight Committee Members

Key responsibilities of the oversight committee for Nuclear Against Racism:

1) Set the overall vision of Nuclear Against Racism.

2) Create goals for the initiative and ensure we are meeting those targets, such as: number of members, social media targets, donations, etc.

3) Attend and participate in monthly meetings. Provide support to other volunteer members as needed.

Time commitment: Approximately 1-2 hours per month


Event Coordinator (2 volunteers)

The Event Coordinators will solicit ideas for upcoming events from the rest of the Nuclear Against Racism team and work with industry contacts to organize the event. This will include scheduling the event speaker(s), organizing a platform to host the event, setting up participant registration, and support on the day of the event.

Target is to have 2 events per year.

Time commitment: Approximately 10-20 hours per year


Editorial Contributor (3 –4 volunteers)

The editorial Contributors are responsible for the Nuclear Against Racism newsletter. This includes writing and/or editing newsletter articles and issuing the newsletter to Nuclear Against Racism’s contact list.

Time commitment: Approximately 1-2 hours per month



1) Organize monthly meetings.

2) Record and issue meeting minutes

Time commitment: Approximately 1 hour per month


If you are unable to commit to any of the roles above, here are some other ways for you (and your organization) to get involved:

1) Pitch an Event

2) Contribute a newsletter article

3) Sponsor an event (e.g., Black History Month campaign) or training session for the industry.

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